What You Sow Blog Garden Party Competition


Today I came home from work to find a mysterious missed delivery slip from our Postie waiting for me in our post box. What could it be I thought? I didn’t think I had ordered anything off the internet recently, it certainly wouldn’t have surprised me if it was some order of yarn I’d ordered on a whim and forgotten about. Seeing as the parcel depot in town a few minutes down the road opens late Wednesday evenings off I went to pick up the mysterious package.

What a lovely surprise it turned out to be, a bundle of goodies from What You Sow, a prize for a Pinterest competition I had entered a short while ago. What You Sow is the lovely online independent business run by Brighton based Lyndsey (@whatyousow on twitter), purveyor of fine and wonderful gifts for gardeners. The Pin to Win competitions brief was to share ideas for a dream garden party. So many inspiring and beautiful pins were entered so you can imagine my surprise to learn my pin of granny square blanket clad hay bale seating, below, had won! When I stumbled upon the pin I thought was fabulous idea for a cosy crafty gathering with a lovely blanket to drape around you as the night draws in, or even an autumn bonfire party.

Challenge accepted Lyndsey! Definitely going to crochet some blankets for down our plot for next autumn.

You’ll find all the fabulous garden party pins below on the What You Sow garden party Pinterest board.



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